lipstick exchange

I have a Secret Santa Gift Exchange coming up with my girlfriends. We decided to have a holiday lipstick exchange. Not all of the girls are close and I figured, how can you go wrong with lipstick? Every girl wants it & every girl needs it. The group of girls that is meeting this weekend has become somewhat of a psuedo Sex & the City clan. We get together once a month for themed photo-shoot brunches and intimate conversation. The older I have gotten, the more I understand Sex & the City and appreciate the message that the writers were trying to send. Life can be lonely and hard and it’s important to have a group of people that will listen to every stupid thought you’ve had and have enough sense to give you a hug, a drink, and some feedback.

Photographed by A. Saravia

At first I wasn’t sure if we’d hit it off as a group but slowly, we did. Each of us is different. Some are soft, some are direct, others are polite and quiet. We have spent enough time with each other to anticipate which color will suit each friend. Which got me thinking… will we really be saying more to each other about the color we chose? Do we have lipstick personalities?

This reminded me of a dilemma I had a little over a year ago. I had decided that I was a pink gloss girl. No shades or thrills– just basic gloss. Lipsticks were for ladies and if I ever wore it, a true lady would spring from the bushes and laugh at me, “the imposter”, while she covered her red mouth with perfect white gloves. No stains.
Despite this image replaying in my head, I found a way to try it out and I smacked some color on my mouth before heading out one night. No one said anything and all the while I felt like one of my boobs was hanging out. Needless to say, I stopped wearing red.
But then, some months later, I was feeling a little frisky one night and decided to give the red another go. I wore it this time. I forgot it was on my lips and just let the colors dance as I spoke. I had gone from no lipstick to red lipstick girl in one night and it felt great to break the mold I, myself, had created.
On Saturday, I hope everyone gets a wild-card color. A color they would have never purchased or considered. A color that is so not you, receiving it will make you tilt your head for just a moment and reconsider the label you had placed on yourself. Yes, each of us is different and some of us are shy while others are loud. Yes, some of us are always wearing red but every now and then, we need to change shades. We need to pick the color outside our safe box because there is nothing like the thrill of a new color dancing on your lips. There is nothing like the sensation of trying something new.

So pretty lady, remember, it’s not the color or the theme. It’s all about the thrill of still being yourself in more ways that you can dream.

Fabulous pictures to follow.

Salut mes amis! ♥

About Antonella Saravia

Antonella is a freelance writer. Graduated from Purdue University, Antonella is based out of New York City and Nicaragua, where she was raised. Follow her via Twitter @tonesaravia & Instagram via @tsaravia.

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  1. Consuelo Martinez

    you are my favorite 🙂

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