the list that started a fire

I had already been feeling good about Sunday when an email came in from my dear friend, Marcella.  It was a list of promises for the week to come. A list of promises that kind of made me want to get some things done before I even began to contemplate next week’s goals. There were things to get out of the way.

I felt energized. Her email really pumped me up but in a good way, not in a …  UGH  I should be productive today way. It was different, it was more a sensation than a thought. I focused on taking care of somethings that I had been meaning to do earlier in the week. I painted a wall and even printed some new photography shots after church and hung them as we waited for dinner to arrive. I spent the day in the living with my roommates instead of hibernating in my room. I felt more receptive, my mind felt so open. We even played hide and seek with my brother. I know that sounds weird but he claims he can find anything in the house in under 10 minutes. He did not find it but that’s a story for another day.
As I revisited my friend’s email later that night, I thought about what I wanted to accomplish this week. I knew that I would have to face the same list of things that I had overlooked and reasoned my way out of that week. Hmmmmm.. how to promise myself the same things and get a different result? Hmm… I’m going to promise myself a new attitude. It dawned on me that THAT was  basically what Marcella’s email is saying. It’s the promise of a new approach. The list she made just allowed me to measure it. So, that’s what I decided to give myself this week. If I can push on the treadmill, this needed to be tried out as well.

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One of the things that I wrote down was getting out of bed and being grateful for the day and no matter how tired I was … to find a way to not be a drag about it. I wanted to approach every task differently this week. Of course, as luck would have it, on the very night that I write this manifesto out, I can’t sleep. I spent hours tossing and turning and by the time that first alarm rang, I wasn’t sure if I had slept at all. I got up anyway and as I turned off the air I could feel the drag coming and I interrupted it…. Thank you for today. Please let me see the lesson in every task I am given. Please let me know learn from everything I touch and let me be receptive to the information around me. Help me realize that there is no reason to be lazy this week. Help me face each exercise with pleasure. Just for this week.

It’s only Monday and it’s not yet Noon but I can tell you this, I’ve never been so excited to be at work. Not because there is a new exercise to handle but just because… I’m excited about not being lazy. I’m excited to exercise this attitude.
It’s not so much the list that changes you but writing it out. It’s why I think applying for your MBA changes you more than actually attending an MBA program. It’s the reason that my personality has flipped in the last 1.5 years, because I’ve been writing, because it’s impressive the holes you’ll fill when you’re given a blank screen. There’s so much that pours of you that we never think about. It’s a faucet that’s never used. There’s a lot of bullshit and raw emotion that you won’t know exists deep down inside of you. These are the feelings that influence us, these are the bad habits and feelings that fester and confuse us on an idle Tuesday. These are the corners to shed light on.
If you have someone that can listen to you, write out a list of things to change for this week. You should exercise your friendships with new material and new goals. More importantly, you should sit down and write that list. You might change some one’s week like Marcella changed mine. You might even light your own fuse.

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Antonella is a freelance writer. Graduated from Purdue University, Antonella is based out of New York City and Nicaragua, where she was raised. Follow her via Twitter @tonesaravia & Instagram via @tsaravia.

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