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There are currently two men in my life that are capable of making me feel bat-sh*t crazy on the best of days. These two men are my father and my current boss. But what can these two men possibly have in common? At first, second and third glances, absolutely nothing.

My father is a bit of a refined older (well into his 70s) man. I secretly think of him as a latin Anthony Hopkins, except he doesn’t read. My father is from Nicaragua and he’s very very very Nicaraguan who got his diploma at “The University of Life”. He actually says that… in front of my friends. Allow me to elaborate… he is a country man. He owns several farms and a cotton gin. He likes his meat bloody, never turns down bacon and smokes cigars. He has spent most of his life investing in the earth around him. He also sells horses and wears cowboy boots. He collects fine pens and watches. He loves his country and feels sorry for anyone who doesn’t have the values that come with it. Yes, that is my father. He saves, goes to church, and asks his workers everyday how they are. He saves because he’s been through 1 revolution and far more hardships than most of us have read about.

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My boss is the all American, type A C-level Executive. He is a city man. He runs marathons, eats little to no fat, has an ipad and reads everything there is available on finance and the world around him. He smokes absolutely nothing. He owns a house in the suburbs and by a lake. I don’t think he attends church at all. He wears a runner’s watch that measures his heart rate and randomly goes out for jogs in the middle of the work week. I doubt he has ever been through any type of political hardship. He has a Bachelor’s & Master’s degree and has attended prestigious schools in the United States. He keeps things professional at all times and will never ask you a single detail about your personal life.

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These men are from very different walks of life but when I took this job a little over a year ago, I began to notice a undeniable similarity between the two. Discipline. These two gentlemen know that the secret to perfecting quality is loving the discipline in the way things are done. I couldn’t put my finger on it what it was about my boss that I understood so well and it was because he was just like my father. They are both like machines and they run on passion. Die hard annoying passion. He’s irritating, he’s systematic, and he’s disciplined. That is why he is so successful. I, in turn, am patient because I realized there was something about him that I was used to. I have realized that because of my father, I am soft enough to work with someone like this. More over, I am professionally compatible with this personality. This has placed me ahead of the curve.

In December, when my mother came to visit, she noticed a difference in my methods. Once the mess who didn’t know where anything was left last, I have changed. I had become more methodical, I have become more exact, I had become more like my father. A man’s ways that I have been resisting for YEARS. But fight as I may, here I am, supporting one of the highest executives at a prestigious financial firm graciously.

At the end of year review, my boss said that I had impeccable work ethic. When I heard that the only thing I wanted to do was thank my father.

Of all the roles I have taken, this is the most difficult person that I have worked with but it’s the job where I have come to fit in best. What started off as the scariest role ever has become the experience that might very well catapult me into becoming a great writer.

We can surprise ourselves with the innate skills that blossom in difficult situations. This is why it’s so important to try everything once because you just don’t know what trinkets you’ve picked up along the way to get you through it. Suddenly, you’re McGyver and you’ve cracked the case. And who knew you had it in you?

The things we resist are usually the exact lessons that are pending on our to do list preventing us to take that next step. So if you have a specific task or person around you that annoys you, pay close attention. It may be a skill set waiting to blossom.


About Antonella Saravia

Antonella is a freelance writer. Graduated from Purdue University, Antonella is based out of New York City and Nicaragua, where she was raised. Follow her via Twitter @tonesaravia & Instagram via @tsaravia.

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