welcome to the dark side (this is a good thing)

A great deal of change has been brewing up around me. Left and right, things are shifting. Friends are moving across the country, some are going abroad, and others are moving in with their significant others. Lastly, some have decided to move to the great city of New York. Change is upon us as the summer sizzle begins to surface.

It’s funny how things evolve, isn’t it? How you can be with the same people at the same bar you were at so long ago and feel like you’re in a different movie from the last time you were all together. It’s sad but it’s also refreshing.

Change is such a short word for the weight it carries. Last week, I had the exact conversation with three of my closest friends. They had been feeling hyper-sensitive due to all the changes and had let their emotional beans spill on someone unexpectedly. Frustration was present and after the burst, they found themselves in a bit of daze.

The shifting of the pieces tends to scare us because it’s only then that we realize how comfortable we had to come be in our lives. When change comes we’re like fish out of water again and most of us feel angry that it is time to start over. It’s okay to be frustrated. It’s usually that exact frustration which builds the tension that eventually becomes the momentum for change. Then it hits—the “ok, let’s do it” that pushes us forward.

This week, I heard some very respectful, bright young adults say, “I’m lost.” To that I say, “We’re supposed to be, aren’t we? Isn’t what this growing up thing is all about?” The ending of a phase should also stand as a reminder that eventually the fog clears enough that we become comfortable with what was once considered new.

Whether it’s a new job, a new living situation, or a new emotional status—let’s welcome the fog. We need to learn to enjoy wandering. We learn more about the room by feeling our way through it in the dark than we do with the lights on. So, lets use our senses to feel the space as we wander into life’s fog. Let’s ride the chaos until the light is ready. If we happen to stub our toes, let’s remember that it’s precisely why we’re traveling in the dark. It’s a lesson we wouldn’t have learned in the light.

If we think too much about the darkness, we’ll never get past the doorway; this is usually where the thoughts and panic build. There is a list of things we don’t want to do and a list of things we are ready to attack. Take it from me, the list we avoid is the one that sparks the fire.  Change is just a word that we hold on to to label it all. The parts of our life are moving, regardless; the action we need to take is just deciding to participate in the movement of it.

We must face the darkness inside ourselves to get to our own light. The journey becomes a part of us.

So, I’ll see you on the other side,



About Antonella Saravia

Antonella is a freelance writer. Graduated from Purdue University, Antonella is based out of New York City and Nicaragua, where she was raised. Follow her via Twitter @tonesaravia & Instagram via @tsaravia.

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