movie night

The other night, I watched a few movies on Netflix. Ok, I confess, it was a Friday and I stayed up really late!

To my surprise, I learned quite a few things from two of the movies that I watched and I thought it’d be nice to share. Promise not to spoil them for you.
Playing by Heart is a romantic comedy set in LA. I agree with reviews that said that it is a light and inoffensive film about love. The acting is not great despite the A-listers casted, but it was 1998, so let’s cut them some slack because the wardrobe didn’t help. Besides, the most important thing about this film was the different perspectives that it provided, which usually isn’t done very well (so I guess that means that the acting was good). More often than not, all but one of the stories ending up being worth the watch.
The message: This love-business is not easy. It just is what it is sometimes. People are scared of getting hurt, even the ones that feel it. We are complex. There is a world  inside of us and it truly is impossible for us to always be aligned with the world outside. I believe the tagline for this movie roots from love being a mystery. We never know where it’s going, what can or will happen, and who this person, that our heart has decided to attach itself to, is, but there is only one way to find all this out. You just gotta try it. We don’t decide what we feel, but we do get to decide what we experience. Which is actually the scary part.
The Women on the 6th Floor (Les femmes du 6ème étage) is set in Paris in the 1960s. This is a story about a French couple whose lives get turned upside-down by a bunch of Spanish maids. Having lost their long-time French maid & nanny, the family hires, Maria, a Spanish woman from the 6th floor of their building. Maria, who comes with a set of Spanish women, stirs things up for French businessman, Jean-Louis. The acting is great. I’ll admit that understanding Spanish makes this movie more enjoyable as you understand a bit of the culture that drives them to do what they do. Watching the two cultures interact is like watching two internationals meet for the first time. It’s explosive to see the differences collide.
The message: We are entirely capable of living and running lives that do not feel right. We are born into the roles and we mindlessly pursue them. However, some of us are lucky enough to be disrupted from our deep sleep. Suddenly, crazy new pieces are introduced to the puzzle. Something changes. Discomforts surfaces and the heart suddenly flutters and then, just like that, we are different. We want something different from what we have always wanted. We feel daring, we feel happy. We can become ourselves and though it’s messy, it’s worth it. We are better because we are closer to what we should be.

Salut, Tone


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