now that i can dance

I was fixing my room last night. M, who has been staying with me this week, was out with some friends. I was moody and bored, but I remembered the set we discussed in last week’s post. Hmmm… what movie set did I want to be on?

INT. -Girl’s Bedroom, Evening, 1950s

We come into to see a 20-something girl is lying on her bed. She seems to be deep in thought as she gets up. She walks towards the record player and puts on a record. We hear “Do you love me” by The Contours begin to play as she begins to tiddy up her room.

So, there you have it. My scene’s set description. Can you imagine it? This sounds more interesting than if I were to have told you that I played some music while I folded clothes. ‘Cause that’s what I did.

You broke my heart
‘Cause I couldn’t dance
You didn’t even want me around
And now I’m back, to let you know
I can really shake ’em down

Whoever wrote this song got their heart broken and I felt lucky to have someone else understand the phase that I have been roller-coaster riding on. When we feel something as intense as a broken heart, it’s hard for us to allow the world to stay the same. It’s never the quiet happy guy in the movie that changes the world, is it?

Let’s face it, the good stuff comes from someone that is in love or is coming out of it. But the best stuff- the best art comes from the ones that lived to tell the tale. The ones who survived the heartbreak. The ones that found their way back.

When our hearts get broken or we experience a struggle, we feel restless. We have a sudden urge to change the world, because the way it feels to us is different. So, the volume has to change, the beat has to be altered, and the old words must be traded in for new ones because the soul has changed. So, as I went about folding my clothes, swinging my hips from side to side and twisting to the old tunes, I felt at peace. As I said before, whoever wrote this song got their heart broken, but they made this. They wrote this song and then, they had the nerve to show it to someone else. So, here’s a thought- if this is the result of heartbreak, a song like this… if this is what comes of it… Maybe, when it comes, in whatever way, we should take it with a little more grace as we never know what form of art the tale of survival will take.

Just remember, it’s okay, because some of us learn to dance.

Besos, Tone

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Antonella is a freelance writer. Graduated from Purdue University, Antonella is based out of New York City and Nicaragua, where she was raised. Follow her via Twitter @tonesaravia & Instagram via @tsaravia.

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