the manicures of life

There are certain grooming activities that I like to do at home. One of them being my nails. I have always found it awkward to sit with someone for one hour without speaking. Much like running, doing my nails is one of the only times that allows me to relax 100%. I’m not able to multitask and oddly enough, I have no interest in deep learning or interesting conversation. I want peace and quiet. To me, a manicure is the equivalent of a massage, doing my nails puts me at ease and it makes me happy.

I recently read an article reviewing the correct steps one must take when doing their nails. I, apparently, have been doing it wrong. The steps require that you file your nails first and then, proceed to dip your hands in warm water to soften the cuticles. I realize that many of you have no interest in these steps, but give me a moment to explain.

I am impatient. I wet, file, cut, and if I could, I would have dragons burning the cuticles while I pick out my color of choice. As I began to follow the steps, I had to repeat the instructions in my head, “Only filing. Only filing. Only filing.” Impatience. 

Man, am I impatient. If I start a process, I want perfect results from the start. Having such a hard time with the filing made me realize that I have this habit across the board. Let’s face it—the way we are about our smallest pet peeves is a revelation of the basics of our character.

It’s often that when we start something, we have already decided where it’s going. This is a good thing—don’t get me wrong. I have already envisioned the dress I will wear at my first book signing and the coffee that I will be drinking as the horses run across the field of my gazillion acre farm while I begin my morning writing. Visualization is important, but this is different. I’m talking about obsessing over it while you are in a very necessary step.

What I am trying to say here?

When it’s time to file, you file. When it’s time work, you work. Don’t think about what is next. Don’t think about the promotion until the job that you are doing is done right. Don’t think about the next step in any relationship until the one that you are in is at it’s best.

I did my nails differently today. I allowed for each step to be done properly and then I moved on. I noticed a big difference in one thing, I didn’t hurt myself. Usually, I’m so obsessed with taking it all off, that I will file a little too low or cut too deep. Less pain. Hmmmmm. This might be worth considering. 

I have to admit that I was able to see all this because I have really tried to change  this across the board. Yes, I want to be a writer, but if I’m obsessed about 1 final idea, I won’t do basics well and it will be the very thing preventing my success. Less pain also means less trouble shooting and less growing pains. We have to admit that sometimes we are the very people that place the bumps in our road.

Whatever phase you are on, be present in it. It will pay off in the long run. Visualize the result that you want, but put it on the shelf where you can see it from where you are sitting, while you file your nails.

Sorry, guys. Next time I’ll talk about baseball or something.

Cheers, Tone

About Antonella Saravia

Antonella is a freelance writer. Graduated from Purdue University, Antonella is based out of New York City and Nicaragua, where she was raised. Follow her via Twitter @tonesaravia & Instagram via @tsaravia.

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