your work is good, possibly special

The only way that I can describe receiving feedback about one’s writing is getting a random post-card left at the front door that says, “your work is good, possibly special.” I’d like to think that my writing skips the introduction and just jumps right in. I care little about formalities. I want to make you uncomfortable and softly wiggle you to the realization that no matter where you are now, you are currently on your way to something better.

One of the things that keeps me writing is having that random note left outside my door. When one feels special, it’s difficult to not spread it around. I apologize, I know this is very Polly Pocket of me, but it’s true. I may not always succeed, but the point is that we are all constantly working to receive and give back.

There are people in your life that fuel you in ways you don’t even realize. People that would be surprised that they are noticed. Though we are independent and I would continue to write regardless, the sparks given off by our connections allows for this to be romantic. Our works are all connected. We inspire each other. Haven’t you learned anything from Pinterest?

Please note that I am in in no way telling you to be a hypocritical cheerleader. I’m telling you to pay attention to the genuine appreciation that you overlook because you’re busy, hungry, or already late. 

In my experience, the kindest notes never exceed 2 sentences and the greatest are hand-written. We all need positive recognition. We all need to give it and to get it. And with that, I will go first.

To someone very special in my life, the newest addition to our family. Thank you for always making dinners special by asking us the best questions when sitting down to share a meal. You really make it feel like home and give me something to write about.

“Your work here is good, possibly special”

Besos y buenas noches,



About Antonella Saravia

Antonella is a freelance writer. Graduated from Purdue University, Antonella is based out of New York City and Nicaragua, where she was raised. Follow her via Twitter @tonesaravia & Instagram via @tsaravia.


  1. Lovely Post! I completely agree, people should take more time to appreciate the little things!


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