the chance to spill


A new idea can change the way we see your life, your home, the opportunities, … but more than that, it can change the way that we end up living it. Today feels as different to me as a new pair of sneakers. You know, you put them on, you’re still adjusting to the details of the shoe. Should I have purchased the other ones? Nah, these are mine. You embrace that about them. You chose them. You’re going places,…together. 

It’s when a new idea comes that we become so aware of the people and things around us. With a new idea at times comes a new mindset, and with a new mindset, our new needs create new standards. We want more of something, less of others…

Sometimes, all this newness pushes us into to be someone that we become a little excited to be. Perhaps, someone we were hoping for, but hadn’t grasped how to do it. As the mind and the heart expand, we’re are at a loss of those old dimensions, of that old self. I think that’s what people mean when they say,”You’ve changed.”

It think it really means, “I don’t think you fit into the old you. You’d spill a little; there is more of you now.”

I’m here to remind you, today, that new ideas must be welcomed into our lives, because though it’s a scary thing to consider, we have to trust that its mysterious arrival has a purpose. Though, at times, the expansion may create discomfort, so did the growing pains when you were an adolescent. Without them, you’d be a few feet shorter, my friend, remember that.

The tricky part: I’ve noted that we are given the choice to take on a new idea. Yes, the terrible burden of deciding whether you want to grow is usually up to you. Scary, right? I know, sometimes getting thrown into it is just easier for us all, but hey, doesn’t always work that way. So this is what I have come to ask you,…

If an opportunity of extreme growth (and initial discomfort) would arrive tomorrow, would you be aware enough to see it?

Of course, we cannot know this for sure, but try not to be a jackass and go with the hypothetical. If you had a chance to grow up with something big tomorrow—an opportunity, a new role in your home, to gracefully outgrow an old habit, …would you take it? Moreover, would you even recognize it? I ask this because sometimes we are deep in our habits that we don’t realize how immovable we’ve become. We choose the quick sand over the growth over and over again. We know the quick sand. We don’t move, but I mean, we figured it out kind of, right? Why move?

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 7.22.01 AM

We need to live lives that allow growth. Though we cannot be made of wax, we do need to be able to let the universe and its ways mold us into better beings as the years go by. Because in the end, aren’t we supposed to be better? I mean, I think that’s it, right? I’d conclude that we’re just supposed to be better and happier as the years go by. I think once we embrace that, our mind expands. We begin to notice the push in certain directions. We begin to wonder why the push is urged. We begin to recognize how the new ideas that come into our lives are trying to do that.

Don’t get me wrong. Things are going to happen, it’s just a matter of asking—will you be working against them, or will you be open to collaborations? 

The first step is becoming aware of how open we really are to it all…there is a world of mischief out there & it’s kind-of coming for you.

Look alive, kids. Look alive.


Yours truly,


About Antonella Saravia

Antonella is a freelance writer. Graduated from Purdue University, Antonella is based out of New York City and Nicaragua, where she was raised. Follow her via Twitter @tonesaravia & Instagram via @tsaravia.

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