the lucky ones

A few nights ago, I received a forward from a good friend. I rarely read them but as I began to review this one, I felt glued to the screen. They seemed simple enough that I had heard all before. They seemed deep enough that I had experienced each of them, but I realized that it’d been some time before I had truly sat down to write any down. So, I quickly began to translate my favorites…

They went a little something like this:

I have learned that even the darkest of hours hold only 60 minutes.
I have learned that everything good has bad stuff and everything that’s bad hold something good.
I have learned that mistakes do not exist. What may be perceived as bad decisions, are in reality, the wrong roads leading to the same destination. There’s no wrong in tripping, the eror is in liking the rock that you trip on.
I have learned that to be liked by everyone, it is necessary to be a hypocrite.I learned to be alone; that the lonelier I feel, the more important it was for me to be alone. The only real cure to loneliness is to learn to appreciate one’s own company.
I have learned that there can be no love in our lives if self love does not exist. And that self love cannot exist if we seek in others what we lack as individuals.
I have learned that worse than being alone, is ending up with someone that makes you feel lonely.
I have learned that the only competition we have is with who we was yesterday. To not feel better than anyone else already makes you better than many.
I have learned that to do and think something that no one else is doing or thinking is not abnormal, it’s innovative. To be normal has never been my thing, to be normal is a fool’s goal.

I have learned that those who have faced hardships were being stregthened for a greater purpose.
I learned that I will never have the future that I’ve dreamed of, if I do not build it myself.
I have learned about men; that when catching their eye, it’s best to play it clean. If a man’s attention is brought on by games and manipulation, he can’t be the right one.

[UNSET] (3)

I have learned that the people that one most likes are the people that one can speak their mind to.
I have learned to listen to one’s heart, to follow it; it will always reveal what we are missing.

I have learned that our actions express our priorities.
I have learned about stories, that all stories have 3 parts: yours, mine, and the truth. If you don’t know all three, you shouldn’t tell any.
I have learned that if we are humble, nothing will affect us, niether praise nor criticism. Humility is an indication of the highest level of self esteem.
I have learned about leadership, that true leaders are not those that control, but rather those that motívate. And to know how great they truly are, one must measure their hearts, not their minds.
I have learned that the only things that truly belong to me are my actions and I will not escape the consequences that they bring with them.
I have learned the paradox of life: the emptier it is, the heavier it will be.
I have learned to not confuse those that are always around with those that are always there for us.
I have learned that we only care what people say depending on who says them.
I have learned that those that track their worth by material things are like cars, depreciating in value.
The day that I accept my faults will be the day that people won’t be able to use them against me.
I learned that curiosity killed more hearts tan cats.
I learned that being authetic will push many people away, but will keep the important people close.

I have learned the importance of opportunities. Of knowing when to take the firsts and when to hand out seconds.  I learned of betrayal, and that even the people we most love, will harm us. The important thing is to know who is worth suffering for and who isn’t. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

And after going through all that content, it seemed natural to have a few of my own: 

I have learned that the gold has always been & will always be wrapped in the things that scare us sh*tless. That’s the point, few dare to go there and for the few that do, they carry it in their eyes.

I learned that though someone can break your heart, destroy you to a point “passed recovery,” they unknowingly hand over something  no one else can give you. They give you that moment– that devilsh smile when you walk out of the storm and realize there’s more to you that just that story. And to their surprise and yours…you realized you’re not finished. Moreover, you’re happy and just like that, you keep going.

I have learned that one of the most important habits that one has to create is investing time in understanding how one feels.

I have learned that if we are paying close attention, life has provided us with the right people, skills, and tools to get through this life graciously.


I learned the importance of opening up to those who came before you. Their madness, their take on the world: love, work, sex, music, money. It will be through their struggles, mistakes, and triumphs that we will find the courage and humility to keep moving through our own.

I learned that the cure to a bad day lies in the simple desire to have a good one.


I learned the difference between pains. There are some that are meant to be endured, these are the ones that make us better. And there are pains that we are meant to avoid, the pains that are choice. We might spend an entire lifetime working on learning the difference.

I learned that eventually we are all re-educated on our concept of time. We are fools to think we have all the time in the world, but we are even bigger idiots if we lack the patience to let things ride at their own pace.

I learned that true growth lies in the bad habits of the everyday. There is a reason that the hardest habits to overcome are the smallest. That’s usually the way it works—if it’s meanginful, it’ll be hidden in plain sight, inviting to be overlooked.

I have learned that there is a special place between working hard and having faith, which is usually where great things happen.

Lastly, I have learned that we’re so lucky. We’re so lucky to be here, to have a chance to make things, change things, hear things, go places, see things, feel things… alone and together.


Yours truly, Tone


About Antonella Saravia

Antonella is a freelance writer. Graduated from Purdue University, Antonella is based out of New York City and Nicaragua, where she was raised. Follow her via Twitter @tonesaravia & Instagram via @tsaravia.

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