robin vs. tomatoes

Know the kind of person you don’t want in your life. Learn what good and happy feels like. Learn how unhappy and uncomfortable feels. But then, …and here is the “Aha” moment, ask yourself why. Be aware of the characteristics in people and situations that are toxic for you. Don’t judge, don’t attack—I’m not even telling you to run from them—I’m just telling you to know what they are. Learn to identify what you don’t need; this will be changing constantly as long as you keep evolving so it’s a habit you need to form now. Learning to identify what stunts your growth will result in two things:

1. less of the toxic will give more room for the good

2. believe it or not, you might learn a few things about yourself that you bring to the toxic situations, sometimes making them what they are

If you think your metabolism, your cravings, and hours of sleep you need that are the only things changing over the years, you’re crazy. These changes run deeper than that. Once you got that down, be open. Leave the rest (the intrigue, the clicks, and the sparks) to chance and gut. Walk into the battle knowing the basics about yourself and know that there is nothing that you can control after that.

Untitled Robin Hood Adventure

Know the dream, awaken the hunger. You might feel miserable, insatiable at first, but keep going. This actually means you are on to something. Allow the path to be dark and foggy. You are on a f*cking journey! You’re not supposed to get it. Are you Robin Hood or are the lady selling the tomatoes who watches him in action? You think Robin Hood knew where he was going? You think the Jedi were always clear on where they were? No. They just knew what they wanted and when the heart decides it wants something badly enough, the eyes dialate, the soul begins to shift, and the dimensions of the mind are changed forever. So know the dream, but let the journey be a journey. Let it mentor you. Let it mold you. Let the journey be a path that is worth taking. Let it be imperfect. Learn to adapt, but most of all, learn to be challenged. Let the world challenge you because if you know what you want it’ll show you how to get it,  by walking you through each of your faults and ever so gently making you the hero of the story. You are Robin Hood. F*ck the lady with the tomatoes.


Kneel down. Whether you believe in the stars, in various gods, in one, or the sun, you kneel. Learn to be humble to the world around you and the living things that inhabit it. To observe as it moves while you are still. While you are kneeling. Your mind is not the center of the universe. Your body isn’t going to be the same forever. Your truth is not the only truth.  Your way is not the right way or the only way. You must know your path, but you must begin to understand the beauty of others having their own. We’re not supposed to love the same things, people, or places. We’re not supposed to think the same way or function similarly. Kneel down and let yourself be different from the world, so that in turn, that same confidence will permit you to let others be different from you.


Al suave pues, 



About Antonella Saravia

Antonella is a freelance writer. Graduated from Purdue University, Antonella is based out of New York City and Nicaragua, where she was raised. Follow her via Twitter @tonesaravia & Instagram via @tsaravia.

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