It is said that each of us talks, listens, and thinks in his/her own special language. Here is a little insight into mine:

  • to Romeo & Juliet something: As you may have noticed, I’m not fond of Romeo & Juliet. I think that they could have enjoyed what they had if they hadn’t been so tangled up in other stuff. They missed it. That’s what that means, when you miss out because of distractions or carelessness. 
  • super single: A very single status. Dinner for one. Movie for one. Dessert for one. There’s no love interest. There is no swooning going on. It’s just you- super you. 
  • stars to you: Whatever amazingness lies in the stars, I send your way.
  • Stanford Curl: A dear curly haired friend, who is currently attending Stanford University. If tequila were a girl…
  • California: The Jane to Elizabeth Bennet, the peanut butter to my jelly, and the sizzle to my diet Pepsi… my oldest friend and other half. She’s all about love.
  • cab ride love: A extraordinary (or romantic) experience that only has enough momentum to take us from one adventure to the next. It’s a skinny love- it’s not heavy enough to last long, but it helps us get to where we need to be…
  • Q: Poet, entrepreneur, & friend.
  • M:  A bona fide hippie. I haven’t been the same since I met this one.
  • Marcinator: This Go Big or Go Home girl blows minds for a living.
  • Jack: a handsome mad one. 
  • Joe: he used to have the cooties; our friendship survived.
  • A light piece: something that is currently in our path. It has arrived gracefully. This is something that we can sense is healthy for us; it is there to move us forward. It is not being forced, it is not causing guilt, but it may cause a great deal of fear. These pieces promote growth and self-discovery.
  • A shadow piece: something that no longer fits. Not fitting is not a permanent status, it merely does not fit in that moment. Whether it’s an old habit or a person; we know it’s not healthy for us. It’s not there to move you forward and although it won’t pull you back, it’ll always stunt growth. We lose ourselves in the fight of trying to bring this into the light.

I’ve been making up words for as long as I can remember. So, if you have any questions, send them over and I’ll walk you through it. Thank you for reading.

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With love, Tone



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